Is stormwater a high priority in your organization?

Are you looking for training, tools, funding and support to help your organization take an enhanced role in promoting ecological solutions to stormwater issues in your community?

Bring the RAIN Program to your community

RAIN Community Solutions works with community-based environmental organizations like yours, to develop customized plans to address local stormwater issues and priorities.

Community activities include:

  • Depave Paradise workbees that transform unused pavement into greenspace
  • How-to workshops for property owners on pet waste digesters, rain gardens, depaving, permeable paving, infiltration galleries, and more
  • Demonstration projects
  • Presentations and discussions with decision makers  – municipal councillors, planners and stormwater managers
  • Site-specific advice programs like the RAIN Home Visit and RAIN Commercial Visit that guide property owners in understanding stormwater issues, managing rain where it falls and protecting their property from flood damage

We can help with:

  • Ready-made programs, activities, and resources for local adaptation and implementation
  • Branding and communications materials
  • Training and professional development (infiltration landscaping, water protection, policies, program delivery, community-based social marketing)
  • Engagement with municipal decision makers, key partners and funders
  • Collaboration on funding proposals
  • Networking and peer support with other community organizations

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What community groups like yours are saying:

“The RAIN Program has been great for Kitchener and Waterloo. We couldn’t have done it without Green Communities Canada. If you have storm water issues in your community, I would highly recommend partnering with RAIN Community Solutions.” Mary Jane Patterson

Executive Director, REEP Green Solutions


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